Coggon Community Memorial Foundation

The Coggon Community Memorial Foundation was established in 1980 as an organization to support charitable, educational, and public recreational activities in the City of Coggon, Iowa, and further enrich the quality of life in the Coggon area.

Through the years, memorial gifts and donations have benefited local entities, such as the Coggon Public Library, Coggon Opera House, Coggon Fire & Rescue, community parks and recreational programs, scholarships awarded to graduating seniors from the Coggon area, and numerous other community projects.

Honoring a family member or friend by making a donation in their memory is a meaningful way to pay tribute to your loved one.  It is a way to celebrate their life with a gift that benefits and lives on in the community.

The Coggon Community Memorial Foundation is a charitable corporation, 501(c)3, qualified by the Internal Revenue Service as a public charity.  A tax-deductible memorial gift in the form of a check can be sent to:  Coggon Community Memorial Foundation, PO Box 17, Coggon  IA  52218.

For more information, please contact: Jean Mangold, President, 319-721-5537; Mary L Henderson, Secretary/Treasurer, 319-826-5476.



Coggon Community Memorial Foundation

Regular Annual Meeting ~ January 27,2024


The Board of Directors of the Coggon Community Memorial Foundation met for their regular annual meeting on Saturday, January 27, 2024.


During 2023, a total of $6,800 was approved and contributed to various community entities. Those receiving funds were the Coggon Fire and Rescue, $1,300 ($1,000 for general expense and $300 for children’s holiday treats); Coggon Public Library, $1,250 for computers; Coggon American Legion, $500 ($250 for building upkeep and $250 for flags); Coggon Area Betterment Association, $500 for building upkeep; Coggon Community Historical Society, $250 for general expense; Coggon Ministerial Association, $500 for the Food Pantry; Coggon Opera House, $500 for building upkeep; and two $1,000 scholarships for graduating seniors  residing in the Coggon area as defined by the North Linn Community School District boundaries.


During the year, the Memorial Foundation managed the restoration and renovation of Historical Hall at 123 E. Main Street, which was made possible by generous donations from Larry and Debbie Pillard. This extraordinary project will benefit the Coggon Community Historical Society, owners of the building, and the Coggon community for generations to come.  


Memorials received during the year were in honor of Darlene Cooper and Arthur Hinton.


Officers and directors for 2024 are Jean Mangold, President; John Franson, Vice President; Mary L. Henderson, Secretary/Treasurer; Jeff Rath and Reenie Montgomery, Directors; and Robert Henderson, Honorary Director.


The Coggon Community Memorial Foundation was established in 1980 as an organization to foster support for charitable, educational, and public recreational activities and programs of the City of Coggon, and to maintain or improve the quality of life and vitality of the Coggon community. While larger cities have groups for this purpose, it is somewhat unique for a community the size of Coggon.


The Coggon Community Memorial Foundation is qualified by the Internal Revenue Service as a nonprofit public charity qualifying all donations, memorials, and gifts as tax deductible. Donations to the Memorial Foundation are a way of honoring the memory of a loved one and a gift that will benefit the Coggon community.    


Donations can be made payable to: 

Coggon Memorial Foundation, P.O. Box #17, Coggon, IA, 52218